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Price per couple per night (NIS including VAT)
Guest houses: Darga & Harduf Barak, Gov, Vardit, Zohar, Kedem, Rahaf, Schoret, Tamar Ashbourne & Tze’ela
Week days (Sat. – Wed.) 800 900 1100
Weekend (Thurs., Fri.) 1100 1200 1400
Holidays 1300 1400 1600
Extra adult per night, for all cabins 150
Children (2-14) per night, for all cabins 100
Babies (0-2) per night, for all cabins 50
Breakfast, adults (14 +) 70
Breakfast, children (2-14) 50

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“Panoramic View from our Cabins”

Ashbourne Cabin

this is our flagship cabin. It overlooks a remarkable view from which you can enjoy an incredible sunset. The cabin is named after the Ashbourne river that runs through the heart of the central Arava region.
It is situated on top of a hill and is slightly more secluded overlooking the Tzofar stream which makes for a truly spectacular experience during a flood.
The Ashbourne river is characterised by its impressive cracks in the rock structure.
It’s Arabic name actually translates as the “Nomad’s Slit Cuts”.

Barak and Gov Cabins
– these cabins were built on the northern slope of a small hill overlooking the meeting point of the flood channels Ramat and Omer. They are quite high and therefore enjoy a fantastic open view from the terrace and jacuzzi.
The Barak and Gov cabins are adjacent to each other; they share a common courtyard with a spacious and convenient barbeque and bonfire area.
We recommend these cabins for families looking to share the retreat together.
Barak Cabin is named after the river Barak that flows south of the settlement. The river is relatively short but is in a deep gorge and so the pools and ponds to fill with water after the floods. The decline into the gorge is done using fitted ropes and ladders sometimes into the pools (depending on the amount of water) which make for a challenging yet unforgettable experience in the desert heat.
The river’s Arabic name is “Alabrik” which translates to “kettle”. When in the stream, surrounded by its rounded cliff-like walls and dabbling in the pools the origin of the name is clear.
בקתת הרדוף
Harduf and Vardit Cabins
 these cabins are located on the steep western slopes of the highest hill. They look to the west, through horse stables into the river channels facing the chalk hills opposite.
Darga and Zohar Cabins
 The location of both cabins, the paths leading to them and the width of the doorways make them wheelchair accessible.
–  The Darga cabin enjoys a beautiful view over the entire “Nof Zuqim” compound. In the center of the compound are the horse stables and the gathering structure “Meeting of Rivers”. The cabin is named after the long river gorge “Darga” or “Darja” in the Judaean Desert which flows into the Dead Sea. Along the gorge there are many caves and pools and it is well known for its intense floods; the hike through the gorge very challenging. During the Fall the whole area fills with white Squill plants.
–  From the Zohar cabin there is a view facing the Arava Valley and the Red Mountains of Jordan which throughout most of the year, as their name implies – are red. Lucky guest arriving during the rainy and stormy winter will be able to see the snow-capped peaks of the Red Mountains. Do not Miss the sunrise over this incredible view.
The cabin is situated fairly low on the northern slopes of the small hill and it also enjoys a view of the entire compound.
Staying in the Zohar Cabin will provide with a desert experience as it is isolated, quiet and comfortable; placed at the end of a winding path through desert vegetation.
The cabin has a spacious bonfire and barbeque area.
זוהר דרגה גוב וברק
מפגש הנחלים
Gathering House “Meeting of Rivers”
In addition to our cabins we have built, for your comfort, a large central structure fitted with a fully equipped kitchen as well as indoor and outdoor seating areas.
The outdoor seating area is found on the large terrace under a pergola that provides coolness during the warm summer months. The terrace overlooks the meeting point of the channels Ashosh and Tzofar, from which the name “Meeting of Rivers” derives.
The Gathering House is where breakfast and dinner are served but it can also be used for your personal needs, given that this is settled ahead of time. It can be used for many different things such as meals, meetings, workshops, family functions, ODT and more…

Also located in the “Meeting of Rivers” is our reception which you are welcome to visit during you stay. Inside you will also find a small artist shop in which we present works of local artists from Zuqim and the area.

Desert Orienteering Game

recommended for groups or individuals on the way to Eilat.
This orienteering game, created by the Linzenberg family of “Nof Zuqim”, offers a fun, educational, team-building activity between desert slopes and acacia trees.
It is suitable and recommended for groups of all sizes and ages.
The activity takes place in the land surrounding the settlement Zuqim and lasts about two hours. It is possible to play in both Hebrew and English and it is possible to make adjustments to suit the size of any group.

The group is divided into teams. Different stations are dispersed in the area and the teams will have to navigate their way from one station to the next. In order to move forward, the teams will have to perform a task at each station.
The teams will compete with one another; firstly they must complete all the tasks at the stations in the least amount of time and then they are allowed to move forward to the final task of finding a hidden treasure. The winning team is the team that is first to retrieve the hidden treasure.
The activity can also be done in one team with no competition.
After the game we offer light refreshments for the participants.

The game allows participants to see the desert environment in a unique way while experiencing the nature, animals, plants, sites, settlement, rocks, floods and more.

Price per participant: 40 NIS
A discount will be given to guests of “Nof Zuqim”.