Desert Orienteering Game

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recommended for groups or individuals on the way to Eilat.
This orienteering game, created by the Linzenberg family of “Nof Zuqim”, offers a fun, educational, team-building activity between desert slopes and acacia trees.
It is suitable and recommended for groups of all sizes and ages.
The activity takes place in the land surrounding the settlement Zuqim and lasts about two hours. It is possible to play in both Hebrew and English and it is possible to make adjustments to suit the size of any group.

The group is divided into teams. Different stations are dispersed in the area and the teams will have to navigate their way from one station to the next. In order to move forward, the teams will have to perform a task at each station.
The teams will compete with one another; firstly they must complete all the tasks at the stations in the least amount of time and then they are allowed to move forward to the final task of finding a hidden treasure. The winning team is the team that is first to retrieve the hidden treasure.
The activity can also be done in one team with no competition.
After the game we offer light refreshments for the participants.

The game allows participants to see the desert environment in a unique way while experiencing the nature, animals, plants, sites, settlement, rocks, floods and more.

Price per participant: 50 NIS
A discount will be given to guests of “Nof Zuqim”.